Sustainable Motivational Environment

Creating a Motivating Environment

However, it is often short lived and everyone seems to fall back into their same routines. Staying motivated is not an easy task in a stressful environment with pressures and disappointments surrounding us daily. Yet creating a motivating environment is of huge benefit to the wellbeing, growth and productivity of the organisation, teams and individuals.

A company or organisation needs to go further than just having motivational speakers; they also need to provide internal stakeholders the tools to create a sustainable motivational environment. It starts off by understanding that motivation is an intrinsic attribute, unique to each person, yet with predictable principles. In this training session we will look at various motivational principles and theories and how we can apply these practically in our work environments.

The training outline covers the following learning areas:

  • Understanding the principles of needs behind content theories
  • Factors influencing motivation
  • The impact of personality traits on motivation
  • Looking at the effects of equity and expectancy on motivation
  • The proper use of goal setting as a motivational tool