Mystery Escape – MUSGRAVE CENTRE

Grade 8 – Adult

A hands-on adventure game in which players need to decipher a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, codes, hints, and strategy to solve the mystery and escape. Players are given 1 hour to unravel the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.
At PLAYWORKS Musgrave, we present two rooms: Da Vinci Mystery and Dinner Mystery.
R660 for 6 people (R110pp)
R600 for 5 people (R120pp)
R560 for 4 people (R140pp)
R480 for 3 people (R160pp)
R400 for 2 people (R200pp)

Da Vinci Mystery
Loosely based on the popular book and movie titled THE DA VINCI CODE. You, the children of a prestigious family, find yourselves locked in a basement, awaiting your demise. Can you solve the hidden clues that Mother left for you to escape? You have 1 hour…
Fright Night
There have been rumours that a descendant of “Count Vladimir” has been sighted in Durban, South Africa. As sceptics, you are out to disprove the existence of Vampires. Your investigations lead you to a Secret Lair. But as you enter, the door slams shut behind you.
You have 59 minutes to escape before the modern day Psychopath who goes by “Count Vlad XV” returns to his Secret Lair and discovers his next dinner awaiting him.

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